Nitrogen Gas Plants

We have successfully made a mark in the industry of Gas Plants setting up more than 21 plants in 6 states

We deal in :

Nitrogen Gas Plant, Hydrogen Gas Plant (Ammonia Dissociator), Medical Nitrogen for Hospital, Compresses air packaged units, Gas Analyzers with sampling units, Gas Regulating & Mixing Station, Gas Purifiers, etc.

Nitrogen Gas Generators by PSA
   (Pressure Swing Absorption)

  • The Nitrogen Gas Generator is Skid mounted & Pre-commissioned at our work.
  • Once started it can be left un-attended.
  • All operations take place automatically & Nitrogen Purity remains very consistent.
  • In case of any abnormality the Gas Generator would trip automatically with Audio Visual Alarms for necessary action.
  • In case of Storage Tank getting filled, the Gas Generator goes to sleep & restarts once the pressure in storage tank is reduced to set limit.
  • Reliability of operation second to none.
  • Customized engineering to meet your process requirements.
  • Minimal space requirement.
  • Your own independent on-site supply of nitrogen.
  • Remote monitoring & control already proven in many references.


  • Well proven Pressure Swing Absorption Technology.
  • Skid Mounted Pre-commissioned ready to use limits.
  • Fully Automatic Plant - Do not require operator's attention.
  • Negligible maintainance no hassles of changing cylinders.
  • Continuous Purity Check - Purity upto 99.999% achievable.

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